This was yet another fascinating experience for Yarder Manufacturing and all our employees. Our abilities and creativity with metal working were once again put to the test. The the cast and crew of ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Team contacted us for some special help. A very impressive and selfless family from the Toledo area was blessed with a well deserved, once in a lifetime chance at a new home and future. The Frisch family were an inspiration to our whole community and we were able to go along for the ride.

Prior to the filming of the show, we made our services as a custom metal fabrication facility available to the construction of the new home...luckily for us we were asked to perform. Because the Frisch family had several of their own children, adopted children form the inner city of Toledo, AND adopted a family of boys from Haiti....we were asked to create something to tie together their Haitian-American bond. Check out the photos above of the giant stainless steel light box we made for the family's game room. The experience was made perfect when we watched Jackie (the mother) light up in amazement when she saw this piece that tied her family together. Thank You Frisch Family for inspiring us all to give a little more.

As you can see, our abilities with metal can be put to many uses. If you have something unique you would like to create, give us a try. From thousands of small brackets to large one piece constructions, we can do it all.