The Ultimate Grill Grates are BACK!

Our top of the line, 100% stainless steel, 100% American made grill grates are the envy of tailgaters and top chefs across the country. You won't find a more durable, long lasting grill grate to fuel your grilling needs! If you're tired of replacing those rusty grates year after year, then all you need is a YM Custom Grill Grate.

Design your own custom grate!

We can create custom designs that are sure to ignite any grilling spirit. We have full time designers on staff eager to explore your creative ambitions.**

Want to watch your last name glow over a pile of searing hot coals? We can do that too. Choose from our Traditional or Monogram styles of grill grates and you have a one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion…great for newlyweds, Fathers Day, birthdays, and Christmas.

So go ahead…build your very own grate today!

Starting at $134.99